Granny Flats Builders Sydney

/Granny Flats Builders Sydney

Every homeowner can be an investor – it’s easy now to build a granny flat in Sydney and rent it out – it pays for itself and adds considerable value to your home.

We can help you plan your Sydney granny flat – we can inspect your property, and advise whether there is room enough, and what you can build.

We build a lot of granny flats, additions and alterations, so we can give you accurate advice. When you are ready to build, we can go over every detail, to make sure it’s done perfectly. This meticulous approach saves you money.

Granny Flat Building Additions & Home Extensions in Sydney Inner West

Changing your home is the modern dream – we adapt our home to our lifestyle. It’s much easier than buying elsewhere.

Croydon Constructions have more than 100 years’ experience between our management and trades team – we’ve been building and renovating homes for many years.

Would you like some advice on building your granny flat? We offer free consultations to discuss your ideas, and help you get the project underway. We can give approximate costs on different options, and help you to get it approved.

Call Matthew on 0414 716 310 – We look forward to helping you.