Building Sundecks, Patios and Pergolas in Sydney metro

/Building Sundecks, Patios and Pergolas in Sydney metro

Sydney families love their backyard, and Croydon Constructions can help you get the maximum from your property.

  • Timber Sundecks, patios and verandas
  • Pool-side rooms and pergolas
  • Lifestyle changes, like concertina doors to a deck
  • Shade roofing, shade sails
  • Stairs, pathways and tiling
  • Garages and sheds

Patios and Pergolas Sydney

Our approach to building is to make the additions “look original” – part of the original house. It’s the same with your outdoor living – we use the same styling and materials as the original, so when it’s finished, it looks perfect.

Sundecks – a natural part of Sydney lifestyle

There’s nothing more enjoyable about the Sydney lifestyle than a wide, sunny deck, that’s open in winter and shaded in summer – it extends your living area greatly. Croydon Constructions can help plan the best sundeck in Sydney, with all the new ideas, and specialised transparent coverings to reduce the UV rays.

Would you like some advice on your sundeck? We offer free consultations to discuss your ideas, and help you get the project underway. We can give approximate costs on different options, and help you to get it approved.

Call Matthew on 0414 716 310 – We look forward to helping you.